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Monday, January 30, 2012

South Africa: The circys keeps going

The 3 ringed circus of RSA is as follows:

Ring 1: The ANC

Ring 2: ANC Youth league

Ring 3: Cosatu and other unions.

They all have a few things in common in their acts:

1. Ideologically, they are corrupt and outdated.
2. There leaders preach to the poor while they themselves lives in luxury.
3. They all hate European culture and it's successes, but have no plan to equal or better it.
4. They all believe in legalized racism.

The truth it the truth...


Anonymous said...

And what are you doing to rectify this, my friend???

I ask this because I too see, and preach, about these problems day in and day out from the comfort of my chair. But then when I truly think about it, I realize just how little I am doing to make a real difference.

Just to add, I am a Black South African who cares for his country and countrymen more than he cares for his own life!!! Regardless of race!!! I say these things because I know how great this country can become and I would see it do so rather than being destroyed and divided further...

Johanes Brian said...

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Anonymous said...

Hello fellow whites of South Africa...

As as American I just want you to know you'd be totally welcome here in the United States, and we would be better off from having you come here.

It must be terrifying being surrounded on a continent of hostile primitive blacks, and in the long run it seems unsustainable.

Our government here in the U.S. is currently dropping the border/immigration barriers almost to the point they are nonexistent, so if ever there was a time to come seek asylum it would be now.

Email me at jbp_mail-nospam2014 at if you want to talk about it.

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