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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The firstholocaust of the 20th century

Ver few people understand or know exactly the price that the Boer people of South Africa had to pay as they English stole our countries. I wish that more people will read this history and therefor I place a link here for you to do just that.

Please read all of it to see just a bit of the real truth about the white Boer nation of South Africa.

We paid a terrible price and then the same nation who did all this to us, supported by the world made sure that even today, we are in effect nothing more than 3rd class citizens in the country that we developed and once called home.

.....but according to Genocide watch, another full scale genocide of the Boer people is happening yet again. This time it is a huge black majority killing our people while the world sits idlly by and say nothing.

I feel sad today and with good reason.


Anonymous said...

When you are segment people and demarcate "we" to include a small portion of South Africa as being the only ones to build up South Africa, it is obvious that you are unaware of a major part of South African's history.

Anonymous said...

All whitesshould leave south africa

Anonymous said...

Well where were you when Blacks were being killed for just being Black.. in a rotten jail hole or you were enjoying exploiting South Africa..?

Anonymous said...

Blacks are not from South Africa. So all blacks should then also leave. Go and study the history of South Africa. There are more whites that have been killed for just being white than blacks being killed for just being black.