South Africa is a crime ridden country

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

South Africa; Genocide on the go

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It is simply amazing that the murders, torture and rape of white people in South Africa continues almost daily and that not even one international organization has said a word about this. genocide watch have the Boer people of South Africa on the verge of full scale genocide and not even this makes a difference.

The ANC regime wants everyone to believe that these things are simply robberies gone wrong, but this is a lie and impossible. Why are women then raped so violently all the time and people tortured in ways that is worse than what happened in the middle ages? This they cannot explain, barring to use ANC aligned studies that blames apartheid, or the legacy of it.

Please look at these links to see for yourself what I am on about. We, the Boer people need your help.


Greetings and please be safe.

White-South African


Anonymous said...

It is silent genocide now but by the looks it is going to get louder soon. Please view article and spread the word far and wide for all whites to know.

Pastor Perry said...

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Anonymous said...

I hope this finds you well, in good spirit and having a good day.

Please have a look at this youtube video, which is from a group called "South Africa in distress" and is about the South African Flags, Old & New.

Peace be upon you.